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Who should lead the Digital Transformation?

The leader leading Digital Transformation is usually called the Chief Digital Officer (CDO). The primary function of a Chief Digital Officer is to leverage digital tools to enhance the customer experience. Digital Transformation involves infusing technologies into the...

How to embark on Digital Transformation

How to embark on Digital Transformation? Where should you begin? Does your company needs to transform digitally? These are questions that many business owners have today. Unlike digitization and digitalization, by definition, digital transformation involves a change...

What’s the difference between digitization, digitalisation, and digital transformation?

Digitization is converting analog or physical data to digital technology Up until the 1990s, telephony was solely using analog signal. When we make a call to someone, there is actually a physical connection at the Telephone exchange connecting the calling and the...

Are you looking to Digitally Transform your company?

Hi, I’m Esther! I can help you with evaluating your company’s business operation needs to growing your brands, leveraging on the most appropriate and cost effective digital tools. Drop me your contact to get started.

How to advertise on Google

How to advertise on Google

Day 3- Learn how to publish your first Advertisement on Google Step 2- Create and Launch Your Google Ads This is a 3 days training via blog posts on...

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About Esther Goh Tok Mui

About Esther Goh Tok Mui

Digital Specialist

Esther is the Chief Digital Strategist with Esther Goh Digital Consultancy. Since beginning her career in Digital Marketing and Transformation in 2013, she has worked with many companies of renowned brands from wide span of industries –Education, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, IT & Telco.

Get Business Tools recommendation for your business

Overwhelmed with too many software platforms? Don’t know where to begin for your Digital Transformation? Don’t waste time searching. Tap on my past decades of knowledge from researching and working with other companies like yours. These are the areas I can help:

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Google & Facebook Advertising

Online Learning Systems

Marketing Automation

Website & eCommerce