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We Are A Group of Experienced Business Professionals, Digital Marketers, Designers & Developers

Esther Goh Tok Mui has brought together a team of business professionals from different background, with diverse expertise, having served large corporates, Small & Medium enterprises (SME) and startups, and had accumulated years of experience and knowledge. Cumulatively, our knowledge exceeds 500 years! We believe that we should come together to share our knowledge and help people succeed in their business, career and in life. In this website, we focus on a central theme of helping people do business in Singapore, build their brand and online presence and grow their sales. We share what we have learned and we hope that every piece of article in this site will provide you the answer you are searching. If you need our help, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

What We Do Best

Growth hacking. Design Thinking. Digital Transformation. Digital Marketing. Essentially, we can help fix your business,. We come in from a fresh perspective. With all our years of experience, we can help look at things in 360 degree — from external parties (customers, partners, affiliates, suppliers’ perspectives) and from internal parties (top management, financial, operation, marketing and sales).

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AREAS that we can help

Specifically these are the type of projects we undertake

Mobile App & Web Development

You can try us out with just a simple project like a website or mobile app development and see how we work. You will be impressed with our creativity and organisation.

Roadmap & Strategy

We help companies develop strategies that are workable and most importantly backed by market research and data that proves that the strategy works.

User Centric Experiences

Many online projects failed because of poor user functionalities and experience.We have a team specialising in making online products intuitive.

Operational excellence

What can make a strategy work is the implementation. That means your operation process and how you implement things determines your success.


Sometimes all you need is a quick answer that you can search from our database and implement it instantaneously. We know this are we are continuously building it.

digital marketing

We do more than helping you grow your sales and online branding. We can help you in crafting out growth hacking strategies.

Have a Project in Mind?

Whether you are planning to start a new business or you are looking into ways to fix issues in your company, we can help and we can start with a free, no obligation consultation.