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Hi, I’m Esther Goh Tok Mui


Thank you for visiting Esther Goh Tok Mui digital consultancy webpage.  This is a site where I document and share the digital knowledge I have learned through the past decades. Digital technology does not happen just in recent years although there is exponential hype in the emphasis of digital marketing and digital transformation in these few years. Way back in the 80’s when the personal computers (PC) were launched, the word processing softwares, the wide area network and local area network became essential. In the 90’s we see rapid advancement of data networking technologies and the Internet was made available in Singapore in mid 90’s. Soon, everyone has free email accounts and Telecommunication companies (Telco) began to face intense competition from Voice of IP operators that was making the International Direct Dial (IDD) service obsolete. The IDD used to contribute to a high proportion of Telco’s revenues. As they lose IDD revenue, these Telcos turn to build their Mobile market as mobile phones became affordable and demand searched. However, the introduction of WIFI technologies enabled new generation companies such as Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook to disrupt the Telco business further. Even the mobile airtime revenue gets eroded as  free data calls and free messaging were made available.


About Me

Digital Transformation Professional

I have been one of the few professionals that have had the chance to work in companies that mark each of the above milestones– from coding with the Apple computers in the 80s to managing and selling Wide Area Networks. I was head of  the IDD business during the most competitive times of the 90s. By early 2000s, I was with the new generation companies, developing and marketing VOIP services.

By the 21st century, as mobile tablets were launched, I ride the wave to explore the ebook industry. With that, it began a new journey where I founded my web development and digital marketing companies. In 2018, my career reach another height when I served in Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) where we assisted  Singapore government agencies such as IMDA, ESG and WSG to help companies transform digitally.


My Expertise

This is a difficult section because I can be too humble or too boastful. I will have to be humble because technologies never stagnate and I can never learn enough or faster than the rate technologies advance. But I will have to be boastful because, truly, not many have such hands-on experience.

I had the privillege to work with Government agencies, Statutory Boards, MNCs, start-ups, Trade Associations and SMEs. All these experiences have enabled me to understand the challenges faced by each organisation and hence how I can serve them in the digital transformation path.

  • Leadership 90% 90%
  • Digital Transformation 80% 80%
  • Business Development & Account Management 90% 90%
  • digital marketing 80% 80%
  • Operation Managemetn 90% 90%
  • Wordpress development 90% 90%
  • SEO 65% 65%
  • UI/UX Design 78% 78%
  • Web Analytics 80% 80%
About - Esther Goh Tok Mui

Career History

My Career 

A person’s career is very much like playing golf. You need to put in many hours of training because if you start right, it’s like teeing off well. However, if you do not, that’s not the end. There’s many more chances to start all over again. If you are relaxed, enjoy the scenary and the game as you play along, you will do much better than if you are very tensed. There are many obstacles to overcome. You just need to use your brain. Every stroke counts and you need to use the right tool.


Singapore Manufacturing Federation

Business Development Manager



Passion Digital (S) Pte Ltd


2013 to Present


NCS Pte Ltd

Director, Business Development

2010 to 2012



Dy Director

1991 to 2000



Software engineer

1989 to 1991


Projects at hand

New Product & Business Development

SEO Projects

Social Media Projects

Website Development

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