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Gear Up – Test Your Busines Model Potential

What makes some business ideas flourish while others wither and die? What components should you focus on when defining a new idea or sharpening an existing one? Is there a single most important element that absolutely must work for a business to succeed?

If these are the questions you have, then this is the book you should read.




If you are planning to pursue a fresh business opportunity or grow an existing one, you will have questions on what it takes to succeed. This book, Gear Up, can help. You can use this guide to determine which of several new ideas you are exploring has the greatest potential. You can also use it to decide whether to push ahead with your current business opportunity, or toss it aside and develop something even bigger and better than you first imagined.

Gear Up does not offer solutions to specific problems. Rather, it offers you a framework to build the critical components for business success. The foundation for Gear Up was laid at Harvard and developed further at Stanford.

Contents at a glance: The GEAR UP Model!

  1. Customers
  2. Delight
  3. Customer Acquisition
  4. Business Model
  5. Partners
  6. Competitors
  7. Go Global
  8. Team
  9. Reality Check
  10. Sync Your Gears


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