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Getting to No 1 on Google in Simple Steps

Practical, Simple, Fast, Well-illustrated.




This is one of the first few books I bought when I started learning digital marketing. It is a very easy to read book, well illustrated with diagrams and pictures.

It is a practical book that points you to the relevant tools and will have you achieve immediate results using:

  • simple langage
  • task-based examples
  • large, full-color illustrations
  • user-friendly, visual approach in explanation

Contents at a glance:

  1. Search engines and your business– understand ranking factors and design your site for optimal SEO
  2. URLs and Keywords – Learn how keywords work and how to use metadata for better ranking
  3. Keywords and Content РLearn how to use long-tail keywords  and create a website SEO map
  4. Content and SEO – use Google Webmaster tools and Goolge Analytics effectively
  5. SEO Strategies and your business – create and automate your SEO strategy and leverage on social media
  6. Analysing SEO performance — Get introduced to online SEO tools
  7. Commenting systems and SEO – Learn how user-generated content helps your website.
  8. Social media and SEO – Use social media marketing such as Twitter in your marketing campaign
  9. SEO and paid advertising – Promote your website with keywrod specific Googld Ads
  10. The real-time Web and SEO – Use a real-time web to boost your website’s ranking.

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